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Becky's ArtsyFartsy Gallery

Physical Fitness and Tae Kwon Do Training

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The Dog House

Fossil Collection.

Welcome to The Livaudais Bunch Homepage. Here you can visit Becky's ArtsyFartsy Gallery with images of her original designs. In Physical Fitness and Tae Kwon Do Training you can see how Greg (Kicks) gets in shape for Tae Kwon Do tournaments. This includes sections on Diet, Aerobics, Weight Training, and Tae Kwon Do Tournament Training. Then visit the Kid's Room , but watch your step! The Fossil Collection page shows you a few sites where we've collected fossils and what we found. Then pass through the Dog House , but really watch your step here!!!
In the Holiday Section it's Christmas all year round. Our Christmas Collection is an exhibit of victorian Christmas cards from our collection, and a few other surprises. Then, depending on the season, visit our other holiday page. Recently we celebrated Mardi Gras, but now it's Easter Time... candy! candy! candy!

Holiday Section Christmas Collection Mardi Gras Mambo Easter Greetings


We are interested in several hobbies and collections. They include collecting: Fossils, Seashells, McDonald Happy Meal Toys, Mardi Gras, Stamps, Coins, Sports Cards, Christmas, Antique Bottles, Antique Illustrated Children's Books, and TaeKwon Do trophies!!!

Here are some links to web sites of interest to us:
Please inform us if any of these links have died or moved. Thanks.

Collections Seashells Genealogy
New Orleans Cajun Sites La Maison du Teche
Switchboard WhoWhere? Search Engins
Martin Wine Cellar 1001 Downloads Download.Com

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