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Welcome to the Mardi Gras Mambo! I have some old Mardi Gras pictures to share with you. It gives a different perspective from our modern day celebration. Speaking of modern day carnival, the current Mardi Gras Parade Schedule is listed here too. Plan to make a little Mardi Gras history of your own.

You'll also find links to other Mardi Gras pages on the web that tell the story of Fat Tuesday. Spend a little time exploring this remarkable celebration.

A few Mardi Gras pictues I found at a flea market, circa 1920's

Mardi Gras postcards from the 1930's

1998 Mardi Gras Parade Schedule

SunMonTueWedThu FriSat
FEBRUARY 8 91011121314

noon    Lil Rascals
1:00pm Anthony & Cleopatra

6:30pm Cleopatra
6:45pm Ashanti-Vesta
7:00pm Atlas 
7:00pm Gladiators
7:30pm Oshun

1:00pm Choctaw 
1:00pm Pontchartrain 
6:00pm Sparta 
6:00pm Caesar
6:30pm Shangri-La

noon   Carrollton
noon   Alla
1:00pm Camelot
1:30pm Rhea
5:30pm Centurion

7:00pm Neptune

6:30pm Pegasus
7:00pm Sinbad

6:30pm Saturn
7:00pm Thor

6:30pm Babylon
7:00pm Aquila

6:30pm Hermes
7:00pm Aphrodite
7:00pm Diana
7:30pm d'Etat

11:30am NOMTOC
noon    Iris
12:30pm Ulysses
 1:00pm Tucks
 1:30pm King Authur
 4:45pm Endymion
 6:00pm Isis

11:00am Thoth
11:00am Okeanos
noon    Poseidon
 1:30pm Mid-City
 1:30pm Mercury
 5:30pm Napoleon
 6:00pm Bacchus

5:30pm Bards
6:00pm Orpheus
6:30pm Zeus

 8:30am Zulu
10:00am Rex
11:00am Elks Orleans
11:00am Crescent City
11:00am Grela
11:00am Elks Gretna
11:00am Argus
noon    Krewe of Jefferson
noon    Elks Jefferson
 5:00pm America

Schedule is subject to change.

Click here to see a picture of us in costume at Mardi Gras 1998.

The History of Mardi Gras

Chip's Mardi Gras Links

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